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Maasai Mara 1.32° S, 35.19° E 5300 ft

Lioness and her cub
The "spotted" land , a dream for every wild life enthusiast, become a reality thanks to my two friends! The gentle rolling grasslands interrupted by the lone acacia tree, marked by the shadow of the clouds and spots of the scrubs stretches to an area of 37,3000 acres. what a pleasure it was to explore this nirvana.
Budget travellers that we are, we drove into this heaven of a place. But the ride to paradise was hell. For political reason , the budget traveller has to endure an extremely 2 hour bumpy ride. One is most likely to find a mini van or a cruiser stranded with a puncture. But the amazing experience for us Indians was the camaraderie between the drivers irrespective of the tour operator. Help is offered immediately however little possible. Wish it was so across our country.

As one approaches the resort that one will call home for next few hours or days as the case maybe, one can notice something unique to Kenya. Along with the name of the resort, the…

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