Thursday, 3 November 2011

Destination Chikballapur

Nandi Hills is a popular destination for the newbies of Bangalore. On weekend you have  the adjust maadi Bangaloreans with the will not adjust good ole monkeys giving you company on top of the hills. If one wants to avoid the crowd, a good alternative is to drive to the foothills and visit the Grover vineyard and Bhoga Nandishwara temple.

Grover vineyard offers tour and wine tasting. But we decided to leave that for another day. It's not a good thing to mix wine and divine. What do you say?

 The divine we wanted to pay our respects to is housed in a temple built in 810 AD. Is that around 1200 years old. I leave the Math to you. Correct me if i am wrong. The temple houses Bhogha nandeeshwara and Arunachaleshwara and is a beautiful example of a dravidian temple.

The complex is very well maintained and also house the most beautiful kalyani- a  huge stepped tank enclosed by a cloister wall , vasanta mantapa ans tulabharamantap.It is a wonderful place to spend a lazy sunday morning and away from present and in the past.

Location: Chikballapur,India
Date of travel: October  2011

Tip: Avoid the touts!
Must do: Meditate at Kalyani
First: Wine and divine existing next to each other!
The travel connection: Blast from the past!

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