Friday, 9 July 2010

Destination Masinagudi

I love taking a drive on Mysore road and eating at loka ruchi. But on this trip we decided to try a new place in an ugly building - Vasudev’s Adigas. We did'nt regret the choice after a yummy south Indian Breakfast followed by filter coffee. The drive through Bandipur and Mudumalai was eventful with some spotted Deer, langurs, bisons, peacocks by the road side. My destination that day was The Wilds, Northern Hay at Masinagudi. After a bumpy treacherous last 2 kms ride in Alto we reached this home stay.

The Wilds is a coffee ware house converted into a couple of rooms. It is in a secluded part of a coffee plantation. This is a place for solitude, reflection, communion with nature or what the heck just lounge around in the verandah and read a film magazine. The only time I ever pick up a film magazine is when I travel on a holiday. It’s interesting that the gossip makes the boring  bus/train/car journey seem shorter and more enjoyable.

I had never been on a night safari. So I was really looking forward to one. It was a dull one till our driver took us to a spot where elephants frequented. As soon as he spotted a herd, he turned around the jeep and we wondered why. As the guide flashed the light on and off towards the herd, one tusker got agitated and took an aggressive stand and looked like he was set to charge. We certainly didn't wait and watch. WoW! What a feeling! Dark rainy night with just the creepy jungle sound and an elephant chase, well almost. Nice start to our adventure.

I am an early riser on my holidays as I like capturing early morning moments. As the tree house was vacant, we thought it would be a good view point to scout around the plantation. We got a surprise of a life time when a young tusker popped out off the bushes about 300-400 meters away from us. He disappeared in a moment just as he had  appeared but left us with a lifetime of memories.

On our way back, we stopped at himavada gopalaswamy betta and saw the most amazing astronomical moment- circular rainbow around the sun. It was a perfect end to a perfect break

Location: Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu
Date of travel: July 2010

Tip: Always have an escape plan ready on a safari :-)
Must do: Night safari
First: Sight a rare cosmic event

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