Saturday, 30 July 2011

Destination Ranganthittu

If you don’t know what a twitcher is then, this might not interest you. No it has nothing to do with the Blair witch project or maybe it could. In the Blair witch project, there were three film makers who hiked into black hills to film the legend.  In the twitch project, three of us had journeyed through the hard roads of Karnataka, fought the potholes, and conquered the crowd to film the migratory birds.

Like with all discoveries, we chanced upon Ranganthittu on our way back to Bangalore as we had taken some crossroads. Our driver tried to dissuade us from venturing into the waters claiming that the sanctuary closes by 4.00pm. But nothing can stop us “the mighty twitchers”. OK technically I am not a twitcher as I don’t walk the distance to spot the rare birds, but even the everyday birds are becoming a rare sight. So I guess the term twitcher is fine.

It was a mixed crowd on the boat. As most of us were birding enthusiasts, our guide agreed to take us on a longer trip for some extra money. We eagerly complied and enjoyed the sights. Here are few of the shots from that day.

 Black Headed Ibis

 Black Headed Ibis

 Open Billed Storks Chicks

 Open billed Stork chicks

Open billed stork chicks

 Night Heron

 Painted Stork

 Snake Birds

 White Egret chick

White Egret chick

Location: Ranganthittu, India
Date of travel: April 2011


Rajesh said...

Amazing shots.

missing moments said...

I really enjoyed this post and seeing birds from another part of the world. That black headed ibis was so different! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to more of your travels.

joo said...

Hi, your photos are stunning! Such a great variety of birds!
Thanks for lovely comment on my blog:)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of the bird. I had been here only as a kid.

Mamta said...

thank you!

Tootsie Jean said...

great photos of the birds.


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