Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Destination B R Hills/ K Gudi

One more button one more button one more button.  Call of a bird. Sweet as chocolate in Willy Wonka's factory. Did I say call? No more like a song . To be welcomed with  different songs was the ultimate welcome I could think of. I had just walked into Jungle lodges at K gudi and it could not get better. One more button!

                 Rufous backed shrike


                 Changeable Hawk eagle

Jungle lodges has up scaled the k gudi tents and made it more habitable. The menu was the same and it retained its old flavor . The reaction to the new JL  depends on whether one liked the old JL. But all said and done, the best part of staying at Jungle lodges is the frequent safaris and hawk eyed naturalists. Oh slipped my more button, one more button, one more button.

Unfortunately the animal life has drastically reduced in B R hills. We spotted one elephant, two sambar, one bison, couple of  spotted deer and a lone leopard about half a kilometer away. Oh did I forget one more button... The lack of animal life was made up by wonderful bird life. We were given constant company of one bird day and night.Yes, one more button.wait a minute it is not one more button but one more bottle.How many bottles does this cuckoo want. No wonder one flew over cuckoo's nest is considered appropriate for going bonkers. We felt the same after one more button ..oops bottle for 3 more bottle, one more bottle...please make it go away.

One more bottle did go away for a minute when our driver claimed to have spotted the leopard within the camp late in the night. Why are the drivers  so lucky? They get to spot animals which we in our fancy tents don't . Well I guess jungle lodges wants us to return and enjoy our wallets get empty and our minds fill with one more bottle!

                       Brown Fish Owl


Location: B R Hills Karnataka
Date of travel: May 2013

Tip: Respect animals and keep your silence on safaris!
Must do: Safari
First: Spot a leopard
The travel connection: Go bonkers with one more bottle

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