Thursday, 2 October 2014

Destination Paro

Paro, home to what is considered as one of the most dangerous airports, was our final destination.  The drive from Punakha to Paro was a long and uncomfortable one because of the road work and long road blocks. One of the roadblocks was close to Dochula resort . A short walk to the resort and we were in the comforts of closed environment. The resort boasts of a 360 degree view of Himalayan ranges on a clear day. But we were not so lucky.  All we were greeted with was the silhouettes of sparrows, Doves and pine trees. The resort has a souvenir shop with some very interesting exclusive  pieces of knick knacks and should not be missed.

Itinerary at Paro had a repeat of activities and sights similar to Punakha and Thimphu. The exemption was the finale of the trip. Every traveler we came across spoke with such excitement while sharing their experiences that all the other sights felt dull. But more about it later.

Like with other places , Paro has its own Dzong with its wooden bridge. A poor cousin of Punakha Dzong, we did take in the sights with a little less enthusiasm. The overload of Dzongs and the long tiring journey had dampened our spirits. But that did not stop us from capturing the memory into a still. So here you go, images of the Rinpung Dzong!

The only other stop over was at the local National Museum of Bhutan. Among other things , it reminded me of the various Zorig Chusum or the arts and crafts we had come across so far. And let me reintroduce some and list out the others that I missed out.
Do Zo      - Craft of Stone work
Gar Zo     - Craft of Iron work
Lug Zo     - Craft of Bronze work
Tshem Zo - Art of tailoring
Thag Zo    - Art of weaving
De Zo       - Craft of paper making
Troe Ko    - Craft of traditional ornament making
Jim Zo      - Art of clay work
Tasha Zo   - Craft of weaving bamboo and cane
Shag Zo    -Art of wood turning
Lah Zo      - Art of Bhutanese painting
Shing Zo   - Craft of wood work
Par Zo        - Art of craving

We would have loved to spend more time taking in the various displays. But the long drive that day and the long trek the next day made us rush to our home for that night.

On  arrival to our room at the Dewachen resort , we immediately went into a meditative mode and took in a deep breath of breathtaking views. Yes, we were all set to trek to Tiger's Nest next day.

Date : September 2014
Place : Paro, Bhutan

Tip : Look out for the airport strip from the museum and Dzong
First : Paro!
The travel connection : A museum is a place where one should lose one's head- Renzo Piano

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