Friday, 21 August 2015

Destination Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is synonym for personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Modi, Vikram Sarabhai and their aspirations. A knowledge center with some of the best schools in the country training the future of the country. A place immersed in history be it during the Mughal/Maratha/Sultanate patronage or during the struggle for independence. An inspiration for the design eccentric architecture, woven fabrics and ethnic artwork.

But my introduction to the former capital of Gujarat was through the IIM campus. My home for a short term was going to be the the International Management Development Center in the new campus. Was it the impactful inspiring professors who made learning a pleasure or was it the opportunity to experience award wining Louis Kahn architecture, I am not sure. But the experience was an unforgettable one, something that I will cherish for my life.

IMDC, New Campus IIM
IIM New campus

 Louis Kahn Plaza, IIM old campus

 Vikram Sarabhai Library , IIM Old campus

 Sabarmati ashram is a reflection of the ideals of Gandhiji- Simple and All Indian. Perfect place to refresh your memory or your understanding of the history behind the indian struggle towards independence. Along the west bank of Sabarmati river, this was the home to Gandhiji and his followers between 1918 to 1930.

12th March 1930 is a date etched into the ashram as it was the day Mahatma set out on the dandi march and vowed not to come back to the Ashram till Bharat gained independence. A not to missed placed for bit of inspiration and sprinkling of guidance.

Hriday Kunj -The Heart of the Ashram

Another place of interest in Ahmedabad is the Adlaj step well. This vav was built in 1498 by Ruda, wife of Vaghela chief Virasimha. The oblong narrow step well made of sandstone in the Solanki style of architecture runs from south to north. The octogonal shaft of the well on the north side is five storey high. The pilasters, lintels entablatures around the shaft are intricately carved and a pleasure to the worn eyes. As the board outside the well indicates the sculptures of interest are of king seated on a stool , sculptures of Bhairava, dancers, musicians birds and animals.

My introduction to Gujarat was through Ahmedabad. A mixed bag, a melting pot with all the possible colors is as welcoming and charming as a metropolis can be!

Date : August 2015
Place : Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Tip: Local autos are reliable for commuting within the city
First: Louis Kahn architecture
The Travel Connection:  “Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.” – Francis Bacon

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