Did the Geese head out to the Hadinaru Bar?

Ever wonder where the Wodeyars- the Royal Of Mysore originated ? Well,It is rumored to this quaint little village in Nanjangud district. But our intention to visit this place was because we were seeking out royals of a different kind ! Our trips to Nanjangud have been many but we have never passed by "sixteen" or as the locals call it Hadinaru. I wonder why it was called Hadinaru? But of all the number to have the name to be based on, nothing can beat sweet sixteen!

The royals we had come to pay our respect to was the migrant bird all the way from Central Asia.  These visitors party all winter in south Asia including at the water bar at Hadinaru. When you have had a long and a very high flight across Tibet, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and my favourite the Himalayas, you need a place like Hadinaru kere to unwind. Now for the meat  protein enthusiasts , I bet you did not know the Bar headed Geese are vegetarians!They feed on barley, rice and wheat and they have the energy to cross the mountains flying up to a height of 18,000-21,000 ft. All this by a mid-sized goose, which measures 71–76 cm (28–30 in) in total length and weighs 1.87–3.2 kg. Hence they should be unofficially crowned the royals of Hadinaru!

Now the Royals are not the only ones who party at the kere. But we had joined the party a little late in winter.January 1st 2016 though let us spot the geese at a distance, the rest of the residents and migrants were not so accomodating.  Some of the other birds pictured included Chestnut Headed Bee eater and cotton pygmy goose. A worthy royal entourage!

Ashy Prinia

Cotton Pygmy Goose 

Bar Headed Geese
Bar Headed Geese
Chestnut Headed Bee eater

Open billed Stork

January 2016
Hadinaru Karnataka

The Travel connection: Did you know that bar headed goose is called PattayTale Hebbatu -ಪಟ್ಟೆತಲೆ ಹೆಬ್ಬಾತು