Hoskote , the new citadel of migratory birds

The birding trip on 1st of January has set a trend for this year. And here we were yet again on a short drive to the outskirts of Bangalore. The elaborate lists on Ebird made Hoskote lake a birder's paradise and we couldn't wait to get there. Though we were a tad late for the migratory birds, we headed out to the grasslands around the lake.

After some misses, we hit upon a road that lead us close to the lake. A short walk and we were by the marshy water edge. Without the wellies, we could not venture further and all the water birds were mocking us from the bank on the other side. Without powerful binoculars or telephoto zoom, we could barely recognize the far way  birds. But to see the few up close and personal, made our day!

Indian Silverbill
Little Egret

Painted Storks

White cheeked Barbet


January 2016
Hoskote Karnataka
The Travel Connection: Indian Silverbill breeds throughout the greater part of the year. Both sexes construct irregular oval nest made of grass and cushion it with materials like feathers as seen in the picture.


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