Sunday, 3 July 2016

Teetar teetar- Phleasant time in Pangot

  1. Grey winged blackbird male and female
  2. Khalij pheasant male and female
  3. Scaly thrush
  4. Mistle thrush
  5. Koklass pheasant male and female
  6. Himalayan woodpecker
  7. Brown fronted woodpecker
  8. Black throated tit
  9. Cheer pheasant
  10. Black headed jay
  11. Rufous bellied woodpecker
  12. Rufous sibia
  13. White throated laughing thrush
  14. Slaty headed parakeet
  15. Himalayan bulbul
  16. Great barbet
  17. Blue whistling thrush
  18. Red billed blue magpie
  19. Grey treepie
  20. Pied bush chat male and female
  21. Streaked laughing thrush
  22. Chestnut headed bee eater
  23. Common rose finch
  24. Chestnut tailed starling
  25. Grey capped pygmy woodpecker
  26. Plum headed parakeet
  27. Blue capped rock thrush
  28. Purple sunbird male and female
  29. Oriental turtle dove
  30. Spotted dove
  31. Large billed crow
  32. Red ventted bulbul
  33. Red whiskered bulbul
  34. Russet sparrow
  35. Himalyan shrike babbler
  36. Grey bushchat female

The all important "list" ! Most serious birders have a list. No, I don't have one  but after watching the movie " The big year" was tempted into making one. The tag line of the movie is " Everyone in searching for something" . And no guesses on what I am searching for this year. The search led me to Pangot in Uttarakand.
I have fond memories of Uttarakand as I have spent some time out there growing up. Going back there after many many year was like revisiting my childhood. The long drive to Pangot from New Delhi airport with stopover at Brij Ghat to bless us with infinite possibilities was without much incidents. Though a bit disappointing to see Dhabas replaced with food courts at Gajraula, we were glad for the good hygenic food and clean loos on the highway.

Maa Ganga

Imagine a little village at height of 6300 ft in Nainital district. Smell the rick oak and rhododendron forests. See the glistening lakes that dot  the mountains. Feel the excitement of being part of pristine nature. Taste the adventure of long mountain drives and even longer treks. And now hear the twittering, chirping, chirruping, cheeping, tweeting, chittering, chattering, trilling and singing of our feathered friends. and there you have pangot!

Nainital lake

Peekaboo Moon Pangot 

Considering that 250 species of birds have been recorded in this region, we got in touch with IT nature club to plan out a trip for us. They in turn recommended  Asian adventures. The trip made easy with our talkative driver and not so talkative  guide Sunil was an unforgettable one. The inconvenient long drives to spot birds on innova  is not recommended as some of us would always miss out the birds on the other side. The walks through fields and along roads gets two thumbs up Though it was breeding season, we managed to spot all the three Pheasants - Khalij, Koklass and Cheer and yes of course, the birds listed above. Considering that birders come across the world to spot these guys, we got lucky in the off season.

Over 10,000 species of birds and counting. The variety of shapes, sizes colors- can there be a better diversion from the monotony of life.  Another excuse to travel! An outdoor activity  paced to our comfort. While you are at it, why not contribute a little to citizen science by reporting the sightings. And I still get questioned " why birding?"

A fairy tale resort and fairy tale setting.That is Jungle lore birding lodge to me. Themed after birds and to be specific owls, a magical place , a perfect place for the birders. Visit Pangot and discover yourself!

 Blue capped rock Thrush

Blue whistling thrush

 Himalayan Ranges

 Grey Winged Black bird Female

White Throated Laughing Thrush

April 2016
Pangot Uttarakand
The Travel Connection: Birds , Birds and more birds!

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