Sunday, 1 April 2012

Destination Lachung - Day 4

Lachung natives i was told were hostile towards tourists about 10 years ago. I can totally understand their sentiments. For every sensitive nature respecting tourist, you will find one whose idea of holiday is to make merry with food/ drink, litter around, play music, talk loudly in the serene surroundings and leave their mark around by vandalizing. Maybe such tourists would be more comfortable in the city environment rather than out in wilderness. But if they do want to be one with nature, i request them to respect  and treat it with TLC. Maybe then the indigenous people will not be against tourism.

Over the years, North Sikkimese have realized the potential of tourism and have welcomed us to their home. Lachung now has about 120 hotels averaging 20-25 rooms each. But it is still unspoilt and not touched by commercialism like the popular hill stations.There are no view points or  lakes that you can go boating. There is no manicured  garden where you can take a leisurely stroll. There is no mall or MG road where you can spend the evening. I truly hope it remains that way as i could vote this place as one of my favorites. It's pure unadulterated natural world.


Unfortunately  the hotel we stayed at is an indication of changing times. All hotels in Lachung are very basic with just a simple bed and home cooked food with no entertainment, frequent power cuts and hot water bottles for comfort in a cold bed.But Yarlam had 24 hour power back up and hot water, LCDs with satellite TV, electric heaters and all the other facilities you would find in a good hotel. It also cost about 3 times more than the other hotels in Lachung. But the views it offers is worth the price and i would totally recommend it.

Due to heavy snow the roads from Lachung to Yumthang and zero point was closed. I hope to be back one day to experience these places.

Location: Lachung, Sikkim,India
Date of travel: March  2012

Tip: Carry essentials as we didn't see any stores!
Must do: Meditate the blissful nature
First: Sight of crows at 10,000ft
The travel connection: Respect Mother nature.

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