Thursday, 5 November 2009

Destination Mathura

 Blast from past!

The best memory i had of the last trip to this town was that I had the best Rabdi and matka doodh from the street side stalls and  unfortunately missing out on the main temple as it was closed. With this in my mind,We started from Fatehpur Sikri and to save on road tax, our driver decided to take the side roads. This resulted in one of best road trip across the rural India.

 Oh! By the way,We were on the way to Mathura, the birth place of Lord krishna. What can i say more but would suggest you enjoy the sights and hopefully get a sense of rustic like we did through some of the photographs.

In case you are wondering why no shots of temple , cameras and cellphones are not allowed.

I missed the Main Radha Krishna temple in nick of time. We entered the temple but the grabha griha was closed. Once again the sight of krishna had eluded me. In the rush to enter the temple, I overlooked the vast wall looming behind the temple and army personnel at every corner. You hear about it but to actually see the proximity of the two structures takes you aback.  We decided to just ignore this and went ahead to erstwhile prison cell where Lord Krishna was born.The prison cell abuts the tall wall i had mentioned earlier!

The butter and sugar prasad was just out of the world and then we spotted this stall which was selling lassi.Believe it or not, i never had lassi before that day.Three of us decided to share one but it was so amazing that we ended up having  one each and mind you, these were extra large Malai marke lassi. I must say, the cows of Mathura must be a happy lot!  They and  their milk have magic in them.

Hopefully i get third time lucky and do get the darshan of radha and krishna. kanhaiya, are you listening to me!!

Location: Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
Date of travel: November 2009

Tip:Try any dairy product
Must do: Radha Krishna Temple
First: Taste something for the first time!

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