Thursday, 23 December 2010

Destination Ganesh Gudi

Blast from past!

I embarked this trip on the 4th ride on a train this year and this time it was on Garib Nawaz express to Londa junction. Londa is about 25 kms from Ganeshgudi which was our destination.

This was my first time at jungle lodges. I feel the jungle lodges are little overpriced for the basic accomodation they offer. But their locations are amazing and worth the price.The one at Old Magazine house, Ganesh gudi was no different but also came with a good cook and hence a good spread.

This area is known for safari at Dandeli wildlife sanctuary, Anshi national park, trekking, birdwatching and whitewater rafting along the river Kali.
But of course we started with the rafting. One of the best 4 hours I have had in recent times. The 12 kms stretch was sprinkled with grade 2 rapids. Had so much fun!! The few times we jumped into the water  and enjoyed the river in between all the paddling just added to the fun. I do have to make this note that only in India will you see women all dressed up in flowing outfits with all their embellishments and accessories on a white water rafting expedition. Kudos to them! Loved the whole experience! I am all set to try grade 3+ at the Ganga ....well hopefully soon!!

As comfortable as I am in water to extent that I am called a fish by some, I am just the opposite on land. Trekking especially climbing down, well actually also climbing up is not my forte. I am certainly not a mountain goat. I am generally the one huffing and puffing or the one who hesitantly takes the next step down and is the last one slowing down the trek. But without a whimper from me, we did a short trek uphill about 400 feet and 1.5kms long to reach an amazing view point of the Supa dam backwaters. Certainly worth it. Totally recommend it!

We skipped the safari as the sightings  reported are very few but we did go on few  birdwatching walks and coracle ride over the 2 days. Unfortunately i lost almost all the photographs from this trip due to a technical glitch. The few here are the ones that I could salvage from the last day. I regret losing out on the majestic Malabar pied hornbill, the colorful scarlet minivet, the so cute chestnut headed bee eater, the playful langur snapshots. Maybe that will be a reason for me to return to this place someday!

Location: Ganeshgudi, Karnataka
Date of travel: December 2010

Tip: Always use waterproof sunscreen while trying water sports
Must do: Lounge around the bonfire at the jungle lodge
First: Seek the adventurous taste of white water rafting
The travel connection : Nature in Raw!

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