Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Destination Karwar

 Blast from past!

 After the jungle stay at Ganesh gudi, we headed out to the only beach resort which is part of jungle lodges. But of course , first we had to conquer the mighty karnataka roads.This time the driver blamed it on central government as the national parks are a protected area. On reaching the coast, a quick boat ride brought us to Devbagh beach resort at Karwar

Devbagh is on an island shared with a fishing village. Though the view from the cottages is of casuarina groove and a distant sea, the almost private beach makes it a good destination to chill out. Unfortunately as you are on island, the only activities one can do are mostly restricted to what the resort offers and they are far by very limited.

Being at a beach resort, we did  lounge by and in the water.But I was looking forward to snorkeling for the first time. After a half hour boat ride into the sea, we anchored close to two rocky, inaccessible islands.The sea seemed choppy and we were about 12 miles into the sea.We were told to jump into the waters from the boat instead of walking into it from a beach as i had hoped.For the first time I hesitated before trying a water sport.But that lasted for a few minutes.

Unfortunately the group conducting this sport was a little unprofessional and did not instruct us before we jumped into the water with the gear on. It took me sometime to figure out the technique after hearing the instructions in the water. But once I did , it was awesome.The instructor guided me along the cliffs. The limited sea life, the not so clear water, swimming along the cliff and feeling the current pushing you closer to the rocks , all added to the excitement. Though the sea life was not as i had hoped or seen on travel shows, it was a good first experience. It was like a trial run for my future snorkeling at Hawaii or Mauritius....No harm in dreaming!!

Yes, we also went dolphin watching and luckily we spotted quite a few. But none put a show for us which was disappointing. We also came across a dead dolphin.It is really sad to see these lovely mammals caught in fishing nets for no reason. Though we were told that the dolphins are bottled nose dolphins,I am not so sure.We saw dark colored and some light colored dolphins. Can anyone let me know which type of dolphins frequent the Arabian sea.

After a totally relaxing and activity filled holiday, we  took a sleeper bus to head back. We had booked through seabird tourist. A comfortable journey brought us back home.

Location: Karwar, Karnataka
Date of travel: December 2010

Tip: Take your own entertainment  if visiting Devbagh and staying more than a day.
Must do: Dolphin watch
First: See marine life in their elements

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