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Destination Thimphu - The city and beyond

Bhutan is as rustic as one can get. It's conscious decision to isolate as much as possible has made it a  Shangri La. The willingness to continue its traditions not just when it comes to religious festivals, customs, food but also  the national dress Kira,the Gho and architecture makes it a "not to miss" country. But it was the mythical stories that made it exotic.

On our itinerary were the other popular attractions in Thimphu. One of them was the King's chorten. The memorial chorten in Tibetan  style is a hot spot for the elderly of Thimphu.Look closely at the some of the deities and you will find some interesting figures. After a quick pit stop at the stupa, we checked out the National textile museum.It had some amazing antique and contemporary pieces on display. The short video leads you to  appreciate the effort that goes into the art of weaving  or as it called " Thag - zo". Weaving is the most popular craft among Bhutanese women and the physical labor, long hours must take a toll on their spine and eyes. But i don't think they complain like us, the urbanites.

The Guinness book of world record must be bombarded with many claims for a place in their book. Do you think they would be interested in largest collection of air guitars or loudest silence? Maybe not. But they were certainly interested in " Bhutan: A Visual odyssey across the last Himalayan kingdom". It weighs 133 lbs/60 kg and is 5 ft/1.52 m high and 7 ft/ 2.13 m wide making it the largest book. It is housed in the national library of Bhutan seen above.

 Traditionally religious scriptures were written on Dezho which is paper made of bark of daphne tree and craft of paper making " De- Zo" is the sixth of the thirteen crafts. We got to be part of one of the schools that train students in these crafts.National Institute for Zorig Chusum is the place where one can observe students under training.

The place we took a break at was Hotel Pedling. It's location, recently renovated interiors and decent food makes it an ideal place. But be prepared to wait for the cheese , no i meant food! More about it later.

It is a cow! It is a goat! No it's spider..... man,oops!  No it's a Takin.

Takin is supposed to be the creation of the Divine mad man. Now doesn't the name say it all. Here was this guy with tantric powers and what better way to prove his divinity than to hybrid animals. You sniggering pure bred connoisseur, step aside. Mutts are in! And what a beautiful Mutt !

So if you had to create a hybrid, what would it be? I would go with two of favorites. No, No, Its not the one below.  That cutie pie is just a mountain goat . He is not a mix of German Shepard and antelope. What were you thinking?

It's this cute little thing! How adorable is this one!. Are you listening Divine mad man?

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Date : September 2014
Place : Thimphu, Bhutan

Tip :  Enjoy every moment!
First : Takin
The travel connection : Animal kingdom.

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