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Destination Dochula Pass - Around and about

If ever Alfred Hitchcock made " The birds" in Bhutan, he would have to use Oriental Turtle Doves. Not that there is anything scary about them, but the peace mascots are out there at every nook and corner. Giving them company are the sparrows and pigeons.We never spotted the handsome cousin of the crow, the raven which is  the national bird. But Bhutan is indeed a birder's paradise.

Oriental Turtle Dove

Sparrows at Dochula Pass

Like the golden fish which is one of the eight auspicious symbols, we decided to fearlessly migrate from Thimphu without danger of drowning in the ocean of suffering . Just as a fish that swims freely and spontaneously through the water, we embarked  onto Punakha. To make it even more memorable and spiritual ,Sangay our driver promised us a well deserved massage. This is what i call life.

Yes, We got what we deserved!
We were whacked,thumped,knocked,smashed,jolted,smacked,rapped,walloped in the Toyota Hiace or was is it our Dobhi ghat washing machine. Was it the Bhutan's way of telling our life is messed up, Clean it! We will spin you till you are crisp and fresh! 
Please, somebody, let me off the hook! I don't want to be the fish anymore!!! I have been unfairly reeled in!

              Simtokha Dzong Thimphu

Drive to Punakha
Chu- Rivers of Bhutan

After crossing Khardung la pass in 2013, Dochula pass seemed like an ant hill at 10300 ft. As you must have already guessed getting to the pass and going down the other side is no easy task. Not because of the altitude but due to the ongoing infrastructure development. Now Dochula pass is the place where you get 360 degree view of the Himalayan ranges and we knew we weren't going to be lucky as the landscape started to change and the fog started to envelop us. Just boring! We the wanderers in the sea of sublime misty fog became one with it. Now that sounds more lyrical and interesting!

Dochula Pass is the home to 108 chortens in memory of the soldiers who lost their lives against the Indian rebels in 2003. Each one of the stupas contains effigies of Buddha and religious texts.   A quick walk around and we were ready for the second spin in our washing machine!

Date : September 2014
Place : Dochula Pass, Bhutan

Tip :  Check the road conditions before planning a holiday!
First : Dochula pass ;-)
The travel connection :The journey and not the destination!

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