Saturday, 10 October 2015

Destination Kabini/ Nagarahole

The Majestic Elephant

Nagarahole National Park has been a location of many fond memories from my teenage years. I was returning to this wonderful park after almost 20 years and was really excited about exploring it again. Though the elusive leopard did not honor us with his/her presence, the safaris were worth the time spent. The lush green park from the monsoons just made it a wonderland! The talented naturalist from Kabini river lodge led us through the maze of dirt roads and guided us to the sights of diverse wildlife. The perspective flip on the boat safari was the icing on the cake, an experience not to be missed. Kabini and Nagarahole - An unforgettable wildlife odyssey


A day on Kabini

Vigilant Stripe necked Mongoose

Spotted Deer in Green Wonderland
Indian Bison Gaur

Indian Peafowl

Cattle Egret

Indian roller


Painted Stork

Crested serpent eagle


 Rhesus Macaques

Spoon bills

Date : June 2015
Place : Kabini, Karnataka

Tip : JLR has some of the best naturalists.
First : Boat Safari
The Travel Connection:  “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”  ~Albert Einstein


Pendown M Talks Here said...

Wow.. that crocodile click is best.

Sadhvi said...

Wonderful snaps

Sadhvi said...

Wonderful snaps

Mamta said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Woah! Awesome clicks!

Arun said...

Beautiful pictures!

Mamta said...

Thank you Sadhvi!

Mamta said...

Thank you!

Mamta said...

Thank you!

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