Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Destination Modhera

The rich history of India can be discovered across different states of India and Gujarat is no different. I was told that the legacy of Solanki's rule has been left behind in nook and corners of Gujarat. Modhera is one such place and the Surya Mandir  is considered to be one of the most magnificent monuments of the state. The  temple offers a glimpse of the architectural marvel that is 10 years short of 1000 years. As one is transported back in time by the guide, an Architect can only be amazed at the ingenuity of Himatnagar sandstone artistry.

A comfortable drive through the rural landscape from Ahmedabad and one is enveloped in the past in an instant. The lush green carpet around the complex welcomes one towards the rectangular Ramakund. Now a storage tank of stagnant rain water was once upon a time a place for ceremonial ablutions . The 108 god and goddesses in their miniature shrines along the Kund showered their blessing to one who cleansed before entering the Sabha mantap Twelve pillars in the sabha mantap representing the different interpretation of sun god radiates the aura of positive light.From mantap one enters the Guda mantap or the Grabha griha. The mantap housed the idol of golden sun god who majestically reflected the rising and setting  counterpart on the day of equinox. As with vaastu shastra, the idol was placed on a underground platform of precious metal. The history has it that Mohmmad Ghazni and Allauddin Khilji looted the temple and damaged the magnificent edifice.

As with any place of historical importance, along with architecture , it is the stories associated with the monument that makes it more colorful. Modhera Sun Temple has its share of legends, epics and tales carved into its walls. Add to it scenes from daily life and "instructional"  figurines , throw in a good story teller and you have wonderful trip back to the past!


Date : August 2015
Place : Modhera, Gujarat

Tip: Always hire a guide
First: Surya Mandir
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