Thursday, 6 June 2013

Destination Pangong

They say it is the journey and not the destination. I ask why can't it be both the journey and destination.  So did I find the real me on this journey? Did I have a conversation with God?  Did I have life changing moment? What if I say all I added was  unforgettable one to repertoire of memories to look back on. Is that good enough?

Blue - Wonder why it is associated with everything cold and men! One needs to spend a day along Pangong lake to understand the versatility of blue. Just to make it interesting, the creator has surrounded the blue with stark brown mountains and sprinkling of brown headed gulls. Can a place be more alive!

The short drive along the lake is not enough to take in the sights. If you have the energy at 14,270 ft, then I would suggest one repeat a few more trips along the shore. Though the shore is 130 kms long and I would not suggest venturing the entire length unless you and chini are bhai bhai or bhai behen as the case maybe.

One needs to experience the pleasure or the pain to truly appreciate this place. After reaching heights of upto 17,590 ft at Chang la pass, it is like coming back down to earth. And being down to earth is not always easy. It gifted me with a throbbing headache of an intensity that cannot be described .The cold was bearable on the day we reached this heaven. But I have heard instances when the cold  played the role of icing on the cake.

Camp Whispering Waves is about 15 minutes walk from the world's highest salt water lake. It affords views of this brackish lake if you stand on your toes or  you peep and squint through the ever developing shore of the lake. The saving grace is the sight of changchenmo range. The camp is basic and toilets unusable because of the freezing gales. One has to beg borrow steal extra blankets and hot water bottles. No one said the best things in life are easy to get.

A trip like this one reinforces why it is so important to journey beyond the confines of your comfort well. The frog has to jump out to stop just breathing life and start living it.

Location: Pangong , Ladakh, India
Date of travel: June 2013

Tip: Take a moment and let go of the camera.
Must do: Walk along the shore
First: Altitude sickness
The travel connection: Spread your wings

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