Thursday, 27 June 2013

Destination ladakh

Ladakh had been one of my dream destinations for as long as I can remember. Among the many emotions it offered me,  the long drives along the ever changing landscape captured my attention. No wonder it is a favorite destination among the bikers. Nothing like winding through nature and being part of it. The morning sun peeping through the mountain tops makes you want to jump off you bed irrespective of the sickness and start the day all colorful.

Believe that the  road had been laid just for me!  It is the path to get me closer to my destination after a bright start to my morning and all I have to do is take off from there. Me , myself and the road, teasing with glimpses of far away lands and dreams. The meandering melting snow , the green pastures , the yellow mustard field in middle of nowhere only heightens the experience. May this drive never end!

The expanse of the blue sky only leads you closer to heaven. What is it about ladakh that makes the sky so blue and pristine. Is it because we are closer to it or is it because man has not yet ruined it. Wish each and every location on this earth brought in calm to ones eyes as this one did.

The only thing that could beat the mightiness of the nature is the inhabitants of ladakh. It was an humbling experience to understand their struggle against the harsh weather and still be sustainable in their efforts. Who said keeping the carbon footprint low is easy. But one can learn from the ladakhis. Something even more beautiful than the landscape was the goncha and perak! They are the traditional robe and headgear of ladakhi women.  Amazing land Amazing people! Can't get better than this!

 Date : June 2013
Place : Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir

Tip : Just do it!
First : Ladakhi culture!
The travel connection :  Complete a bucket wish!


Sayli Deshpande said...

Hi Mamta, just one question, do you travel to Ladakh more often? Because the way you’ve described about the most beautiful place on earth, is just mindblowing! This write-up makes me go straight up there and enjoy Ladakh to bits. Amazing snaps!!

Mamta said...

Thanks sayli ! Been to ladakh only once!wish I could travel to the most beautiful place again

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