Sunday, 9 June 2013

Destination Zanskar River

Though ladakh had been my dream destination, the fact that I would be white water rafting on zanskar made it even better. Now I had  tried my hand in rafting along the kali river and it only made hunger for a higher grade. The guide proclaimed that at a few stretches we would hit grade 3 and the mermaid in me was jumping with joy.  Unlike Kali river where the dress code included sarees, we were given body suits. The temperature on the day we went rafting was about 6 degrees and it was considered a good day to be rafting! After changing into our suit , we were taken along the Zanskar river for 14 kms drive to somewhere on the road to Chilling. I wonder why Zanskar is so brown. Is it because the brown minerals are bleeding into the river? Surrounded by mountains in multiple shades of brown, it all became one only to be framed by the vibrant blue of the sky. We had embarked on a brown water rafting and I couldn't wait!

The drive seemed too long as I wanted to be part of this mighty brown. After a quick round of instructions, we embarked on the journey like no other .  The excitement, the fear, the amazement , the calm , the physical exertion, the gratitude, the fun, the adventure, the triumph, what more can one want in a two hour journey through the rapids. The emotionally stirring part was being in midst of  the dramatic  Zanskar gorge surrounded by walls  thousands of  feet high  and  the knowledge that the river is hundreds of feet deep. The triumphant end at Nimmu village where the brown Zanskar meets the emerald  Indus brings you back to reality. Isn't Mother Nature the most happening place !

Date : June 2013
Place : Zanskar river, ladakh

Tip ; If your right handed, take the right side of the raft
First : Jump into freezing water hundreds of feet deep protected by a bodysuit!
The travel connection :  Different modes of transport!

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